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Teens - join our Teen Advisory Group (TAG). It's YOUR library, tell us what you want it to be and have a say in what we do for you, all while earning Community Service hours for school! Grades 6-12. Check here for meeting dates.  

Fill out this online form and we will create a list of 5-10 books just for you! Fill out as much (or as little) of this form as you wish. The more information you provide, the more likely it is that we can suggest books you will like.
We love anime and wonderful geekery do you? Check out our Anime/ Manga club just for teens in grades 6-12. We watch anime, talk about manga, share our cosplays, and joyously geek out together. For more information about these events checkout our Events Calendar or contact Emma at the Questions Desk.

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Need some help in crafting your Anime Review?

Here are some helpful topics you might want to include.

Story  |  Visuals  |  Audio  |  Characters  |  Overall


The Story section should contain any comments you have about the plot. This includes ideas about the plot itself (was it boring? Unique? Generic?), and the overall flow of the story (plodding? Put together well?). Any background information you have about the plot, such as references to other cultures and ideas, should be listed here as well. Keep in mind, though, no spoilers are allowed (with the exception of the first few episodes, within reason)

List of suggested topics:
-How original was the plot?

-Did the plot draw itself from other cultures, legends, or folklore?

-Are there any series that are similar as far as the plot goes?

-What would you consider to be the few applicable genres for the anime? If it is an anime that combines several genres, did it work well? (for example, sometimes blending shoujo and tragedy doesn’t work so well)

-How was the flow of the series? Were there long boring parts in the episodes? How about flashbacks, or excessive filler episodes?

-Was the anime heavily plot based, or more focused on character development?

-Did any aspects of the plot borrow elements of other series you’ve seen? Or real life movies?

-Was the story confusing, or were things explained well? (perhaps you could add something about the subtitles not corresponding with what was actually said…)

-Did the ending fit the tone of the series, and did it work well? (VERY IMPORTANT NOT to spoil, but I think it’s always good to say if you thought the ending was fitting, regardless of how it ended)

- Any major plot holes?

-In general, did you feel the story was presented well? Sometimes series have a great way of tying episodes together…whether it is because they are slowly revealing pieces of the puzzle, or are entertaining in some other way. How did you feel when finishing this series?

-Although there is a separate character section, did you feel the characters played a part in the plot? Or was it more like an action heavy brainless viewing?

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The visuals section should encapsulate * shocking * anything related to…VISUALS! This includes the animation and any special effects, as well as character designs. (Visual designs, NOT character types or roles, which should be discussed in the characters section)

List of suggested topics:
-Discuss the colors used in the series. What was the overall palette? Dark tones due to the anime being based mostly at night/cyberpunk? Pastels from a dating-sim series?

-In addition to the colors, discuss the brightness or other qualities of the colors. Were the colors very vivid and bright? Or fuzzy and watercolor looking? Or, for example, I’ve seen some series which have fuzzy edges around everything.

-How were the backgrounds? Sunsets, buildings, any backgrounds are fair game.

-How was the level or detail for basically everything?

-Explain the character designs. There is quite a bit to describe here. Simply saying “the designs look like cyberpunk” is inadequate and frankly- LAME. EXPLAIN in more DETAIL. Faces, for example. Do they have large eyes, non existent noses, or perhaps a more realistic look? How about the hair?

-Thickness of lines is always a good thing to point out, both for character designs (thick chunky lines on the face? Lots of little lines to show facial detail?), and background items.

-How was the shading? For character designs this could be related to if there are many layers of shading on the face/clothing, or very simple blocky shading. Shading for other things besides characters should be similar to describe.

-How were the special effects? Not just different types of animation, but were explosions and such animated well, or super cheesy?

-Were any other kinds of graphics used except regular animation? For example, was real video mixed with the animation, was CG used (was it seamlessly mixed or really cheesy?), were there lots of still scenes, or scenes that looked like they were from a manga/hand drawn?

-Were there any unusual scene changes or transitions? This might not be applicable for many series, but some series I’ve seen have very unique transitions.

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Audio should include the music (DUH!), as well as voice acting.

List of suggested topics:
-What was the mood of the music? Light hearted? Depressing? Did this mood fit the tone of the actual series, or sound ridiculously matched?

-What was the music made up of? Orchestral instruments, singing, cheesy tracks, etc.

-How many songs were used? Did the anime play the same few songs over and over, or have a variety of songs to choose from?

-Did you feel the music was effective in making the anime an enjoyable experience, or did it detract from it?

-Did all the voice actors fit the parts well? Please specify in your review if you watched the dubbed or subbed/raw version.

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There are a lot of things that can be discussed here about the characters, so just check the list below

List of suggested topics:
-Was there a lot of character development?

-Were the characters developed well? This might sound like the previous question, but it’s not. Sometimes an anime will have a great deal of character development, but it doesn’t actually work well and the characters don’t actually seem developed.

-Were the characters’ roles stereotypical, or unique?

-Did the characters fit their roles well?

-Did you become empathetic towards the character, or not care if they bit the big one?

-Explain if the character interaction was effective or not…or meaningful.

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The overall section is usually a summary of how you thought the anime was. You might find it easy to summarize the basic points of each of the above sections, and how that fits in with your final score. Also, put information about rewatchability in this section. In general did you enjoy the series, think it’s an interesting watch, and recommend others to see it? Or not?

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Diverse group of teens


National Suicide Prevention Hotline | The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources

Crisis Text Line | Crisis Text Line serves anyone, in any type of crisis, providing access to free, 24/7 support and information via text.

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Love is Respect | Is a website for teens and professionals working with teens that are facing date abuse. Get information on how define an abusive relationship, how to get out and how to cope. Also, helps friends and family help victims of dating abuse.

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AAA’s Keys2Drive | Aaa’s website for teen drivers helps parents and teens learn about their state’s driving laws and help prepare teens for the open road. Includes sample tests for the written exam.

Allstate’s Teen Driver| From allstate insurance an interactive website to learn the rules of the road and safe driving practices.

Illinois State’s Teen Driver Safety  | The official site for the state of illinois for all laws and documents that relate to teen drivers.

State Farm’s Better Teen Driving |&Nbsp;from state farm insurance a website that gives teens tips and tool to become better drivers.

Teens in the Driver Seat | A website written by other teens to raise teen drivers' awareness of car crashes and how to avoid them.

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Being Girl | Sponsored by Always, Being Girl offers advice on your period and also on general mind and body issues. For girls, by girls.

Girls’ Health | Health, fitness, and wellness information for girls

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Gay-Straight Alliance Network | Youth network that helps develop Gay Strait Alliance Clubs in School

GLSEN | Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network- helping students of any sexual orientation be a valued member of their school community.

The Trevor Project | For GLBTQ teens; 24/7 suicide prevention

AmbienteJoven | Information and community for Latino gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (GLBTQ) youth.

Trans Lifeline | Trans Lifeline works to end transgender suicide and improve overall mental health of transgender people through education, advocacy, and direct service.

Trans Youth Equality | The Trans Youth Equality Foundation provides education, advocacy and support for transgender and gender non-conforming children and youth and their families.

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Go Ask Alice | Go Ask Alice! covers a wide range of health information for teens. Emotional health, nuturition and fitness, relationships and general health are all covered in a Q & A format asked by teens. Sponsered by Columbia University’s Health Service.

I Wanna Know  | Answers to your questions about teen sexual health and sexually transmitted disease prevention

MedlinePlus: Teens' Page  | Health information just for Teens by the National Institute of Health

Sex, Etc  | Get honest and accurate sexual health information from Rutgers University. Teens can find answers to their questions about sex and relationships, pregnancy, STDs, birth control, sexual orientation and more!

TeenHealth | TeensHealth was created for teens looking for honest, accurate information and advice about health, relationships, and growing up.

Teen Health FX | The goal of TeenHealthFX is to provide teens with an online resource for any and all of their questions regarding health, relationships, their body and their sexuality. The information and advice comes from health professionals Goryeb Children's Hospital.

TeenWire | Sexuality and Relationship info you can trust from Planned Parenthood®


NetSmartz Workshop for Teens and Kids  | These sites provide a more colorful and interactive approach for kids and teens to learn about Internet safety online. Animated games and stories teach the basics on Internet safety to kids. The teen site provides real life stories and comics to explain cyberbullying, social networking and knowing when too much online activity is too much.

ConnectSafely: Smart Socializing Starts Here | Major online communities like Facebook and MySpace support this site and it is a way for teens to learn about safety online. Tips for safety are included for social networking, video sharing sites and cell phone usage.

Wired Safety for Kids and Teens | Wired Safety is an online volunteer organization that is committed to being a “neighborhood cyber-watch”. This site offers age appropriate content for different age levels on online safety along with tips on how to protect yourself online. Kids and teens a review and recommend sites that they feel would appeal to others and that they consider “safe”.

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Smokefree.gov | Resources to help you quit smoking

The Truth About Inhalants | This website provides important facts and information about inhalants from the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.

NIDA for Teens | The Science Behind Drug Abuse

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Like to read or create Manga, watch Anime, or Cosplay? Join your fellow otaku at our Anime & Manga Club! Each month we get together to watch some anime, talk about what manga we're reading, share cosplay, play games, and even make some great stuff! 

Want to know more? Ask for Emma at the Questions Desk.


Just dying to share your favorite anime with the group next meeting? Write a review and we might watch it!

Need help in writing your Anime Review? Check here for hints on what to write about.


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ACT, Inc. | Educational/Career Planning and Workforce Development | Register and prepare of the ACT here. Includes many "Pratice Tests." Be sure to download the 79-page booklet "Preparing for the ACT" for valuable info, complete practice tests and scoring keys.

College Board- SAT Registration | Information and Resistration for the PSAT, SAT and AP exams.

Sparks Notes | SparkNotes study guides are the perfect aid for studying and writing papers. Each guide contains thorough summaries and insightful critical analysis of a nearly endless range of subjects including English literature, Shakespeare, History, Science, and Math. Also includes a Test Prep section featuring SAT, ACT and AP exam help.

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McHenry County Regional Office of Education- GED Information

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Big Future | With ten comprehensive filters from test scores to diversity of student body, Big Future's college search is a great place to find a college that is right for you.

Campus Explorer | A great place to start looking for colleges. Search over 6, 000+ 2 and 4- year colleges, and online programs. Students can search by academic majors, location and size. Information about schools go beyond the basic information and include videos and photos.

College Scholarships, College, and Online Degrees | An online directory of college and university admissions office email addresses and telephone numbers, college scholarship and financial aid office email addresses, and links to the home pages and online applications of more than a thousand colleges and universities.

Peterson's College Quest | Find Your Perfect Fit: Peterson's College Search You're an individual. With thousands of choices, the most important factor in finding the right school is finding the right school for you! With Peterson's College Search, you can do lots of cool things.

The Princeton Review | The Princeton Review helps students, parents, and educators achieve the best outcomes at all stages of their educational careers. It all starts with a single premise: Everyone is entitled to the best education.

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FAFSA on the Web - U.S. Department of Education | Free Application for Federal Student Aid

College Zone from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission | Whether you’re planning to go to college, are attending now, or have recently graduated, College Zone can help you take all the right steps to make your experiences and transitions go smoothly.

The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid | The first stop on the web for students looking for finance their college education.

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US Department of Veteran Affairs | Learn about the GI Bill and how it can help you achieve your college and career goals.

USA.Gov Military Recruitment | Thinking about joining the military, but unsure of the branch? This site will give you information on all of them.



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