Looking for a new way to entertain your family from home? Check out our themed Virtual Activity Kits with content for children of all ages. These kits include ebooks, streaming movies and music, craft activities, recipes, and more! Themes include Adventures in Science, Amazing Animals, Ready Set Bake!, and more!

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Looking for a new way to entertain your family from home? Check out our themed Virtual Activity Kits with content for children of all ages. These kits include ebooks, streaming movies and music, craft activities, recipes, and more! Themes include Adventures in Science, Amazing Animals, Ready Set Bake!, and more!

*You will need to log in with your library card to use TumbleBooks


Disabilities and Neurodivergence

Listen: Roll With It by Jamie Sumner
Ellie and her mom have to move away to take care of her ailing grandpa. This means that Ellie has to start at a new school not just as the new kid, but as the new kid in a wheelchair who lives in a trailer park. Faced with many challenges, Ellie has to learn how to make new friends and convince her mom that this new town might not be too bad after all.

Read: Slider by Pete Hautman
David can eat an entire sixteen-inch pepperoni pizza in four minutes and thirty-six seconds. He’s going to compete in the Super Pigorino Bowl, the world’s greatest pizza-eating contest, and he has to win because he accidentally put $2,000 on his mom’s credit card. As if training to be a competitive eater wasn’t enough, he’s also got to keep an eye on his little brother, Mal (who, if the family believed in labels, would be labeled autistic, but they don’t so they just label him Mal.) Add in the new weirdness going on between his two best friends, Cyn and HeyMan, and David doesn’t know how to deal with the challenges he’s facing.

Listen: Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus by Dusti Bowling
Aven Green loves to tell people that she lost her arms in an alligator wrestling match, or a wildfire in Tanzania, but the truth is she was born without them. When her parents take a job running a rundown western theme park in Arizona, Aven moves with them across the country knowing that she’ll have to answer the question over and over again. Her new life takes an unexpected turn when she bonds with Connor, a classmate who also feels isolated because of his own disability, and they discover a room at Stagecoach Pass that holds bigger secrets than Aven could have imagined. It’s hard to solve a mystery, help a friend, and face your own worst fears. But Aven’s about to discover she can do it all…even without arms.

Read: When Stars are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed
Omar and his youngest brother, Hassan, have spent most of their lives in Dadaab, a refugee camp in Kenya. Life is hard there: never enough food, achingly dull, and without access to medical care Omar knows his nonverbal brother's needs. So when Omar has the opportunity to go to school, he knows it might be a chance to change their future…but it would also mean leaving his brother, the only family member he has left, every day.

Listen: Tune it Out by Jamie Sumner
Lou Montgomery has the voice of an angel, or so her mother tells her and anyone else who will listen. But Lou can only hear the fear in her own voice. She's never liked crowds or loud noises or even high fives; in fact, she's terrified of them, which makes her pretty sure there's something wrong with her. When Lou crashes their pickup on a dark and snowy road, child services separate the mother-daughter duo. Now she has to start all over again at a fancy private school far away from anything she's ever known. With help from an outgoing new friend, her aunt and uncle, and the school counselor, she begins to see things differently. A sensory processing disorder isn't something to be ashamed of, and music might just be the thing that saves Lou—and maybe her mom, too.


Social-Emotional Learning

Watch: Crayola: Social-Emotional Learning
Watch this series from Crayola to learn about social-emotional skills! Videos include information on how to interact with others, how to identify what other people feel, how to identify your own feelings, how to see situations from others’ points of view, and learn about responsibility and kindness.

Watch: Cocoland
In a beautiful little town in the Caribbean, five very different friends live together and constantly work out how to get past their differences to solve problems. Each one has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, which gives each one a different perspective on the challenges that they have. This is an educational series that's perfect for teaching values like empathy, solidarity, and respect, as well as the importance of working together to build a community.

Read: The Red Book: What to Do When You’re Angry by William Anthony
Emotions are like a rainbow—there is a color for every one we feel. And when the angry feeling starts to take over the rainbow, it's time for The Red Book! Simple activities, tips, and tricks help young readers whose angry red shines brightest in the rainbows of their colorful minds. They can turn the pages from front to back or back to front. They can use every single page or open the book to just one random page. Soon, the other colors of their emotional rainbow will shine with this mindfulness book that supports readers exploring their emotions!

Listen: Social Emotional Learning
Listen to these children’s songs about social emotional learning! Song titles include the Kindness Song, Being Friends, Saying Sorry, and Everyone’s Different!

Read: Who Feels Happy, Dear Dragon? by Margaret Hillert
A boy and his pet dragon enjoy activities that make them feel happy including; making new friends, and getting a new pet kitten. Emphasizes the positive emotion of happiness. Teachers' resources include notes to caregivers, word list, reading activities to strengthen phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

Activity: Deep Relaxation - Mindfulness Series
Learn how to relax your body and your mind! Once you’ve relaxed, answer questions on how relaxing made you feel.


Under the Sea

Read: Narwhal’s School of Awesomeness by Ben Clanton
Dive into four new stories about Narwhal and Jelly becoming substitute teachers! The two best friends come across an enthusiastic school of fish one morning. Unfortunately, Mr. Blowfish, their teacher, has come down with a cold, and class will have to be canceled . . . until Professor Knowell (Narwhal) and Super Teacher (Jelly) volunteer to help out! The first subject is Wafflematics, in which Narwhal and Jelly calculate the number of waffles needed to feed the class. Next up is a super-fun science scavenger hunt, followed by a game of "Tag! You're Awesome!" at recess. Narwhal's teaching methods may be unconventional, but with Jelly's help, the two teach (and learn) with their trademark positivity and humor. Before they know it, the day is over . . . but what grade will Narwhal receive from Jelly?

Read: Little Monsters of the Ocean by Heather L. Montgomery
Everyone knows that butterflies and frogs go through metamorphosis. But a number of sea creatures do too! Experienced science writer Heather L. Montgomery explores wacky details in the life cycles of some of the world's most bizarre and fascinating ocean animals in this fresh spin on a highly curricular topic.

Listen: A Whale of the Wild by Rosanne Perry
For Vega and her family, salmon is life. And Vega is learning to be a salmon finder, preparing for the day when she will be her family's matriarch. But then she and her brother Deneb are separated from their pod when a devastating earthquake and tsunami render the seascape unrecognizable. Vega must use every skill she has to lead her brother back to their family. The young orcas face a shark attack, hunger, the deep ocean, and polluted waters on their journey. Will Vega become the leader she's destined to be?

Watch: Ocean Jokes
Learn new ocean jokes to share with your friends!

Watch: Sea Turtles
Watch this video to learn all about sea turtles!


I Can Read By Myself

Read: Crime Wave by Billy Wrecks
Join Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and the rest of the DC Super Friends as they fly off on a new adventure in this Step into Reading leveled reader for children ages 5-8. When the mysterious Black Manta steals the world's largest pearl, the Super Friends rush in to save the day—but they will have to face the twisting tentacles of the Black Manta's giant octopus first!

Read: The Berenstain Bears' Kitten Rescue by Jan Berenstain
The Good Deed Scouts are on the lookout for someone to help…and they hear the mewing of a kitten in a tall tree! Will the cubs save the day?

Read: A Pet for Pete by James Dean
Pete the Cat can't wait to get a new pet! He gets a goldfish he names Goldie. Pete paints a cool painting of Goldie and now everyone wants a piece of it! But Pete doesn't have enough time to make one for everyone. Will Pete find a way to have fun painting Goldie and have time to finish his homework?

Listen: The Dazzling Book Report by Jane O'Connor
Nancy's first book report is sure to be bedazzling. After all, she is the second-best artist in her class. She is using beads, fringe, and a fancy border for the cover. And she is writing about Sacajawea, a true-life heroine. What could go wrong? Join Nancy as she learns that you can't judge a book report by its cover!

Listen: Hi, Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold
Boy and fly meet and so begins a very funny friendship in this tale filled with hyperbole, puns, and slapstick from Tedd Arnold.

Activity: Multiple Choice Reading Story Worksheet
Use this 1st grade worksheet to practice reading comprehension.


If Animals Could Talk

Watch: Berenstain Bears
Check out the Berenstain Bears books come to life in this fun TV series!

Read: The Big Book of Paw Patrol by Nickelodeon Publishing
Everything you need to know about the awesome and adorable rescue pups of Nickelodeon's PAW Patrol is featured in this storybook that's sure to thrill kids ages 3 to 7. Kids will love learning all about Chase, Rocky, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rubble, and their tech-savvy leader—a 10-year-old boy named Ryder. This Nickelodeon Read-Along contains audio narration.

Listen: Lone Wolf by Kathryn Lasky
A wolf mother has given birth, but the warm bundle snuffling next to her brings only anguish. The pup, otherwise healthy, has a twisted leg, and the mother knows what the harsh code of the pack demands. Her pup will be taken from her and abandoned on a desolate hill. The pack cannot have weakness - the wolf mother knows that her pup is condemned to die.But alone in the wilderness, the pup, Faolan, does not perish. This is his story - a story of survival, of courage, and of love triumphant. This is Faolan's story, the wolf pup who rose up to change forever the Wolves of the Beyond.

Read: The Familiars by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson
When Aldwyn, a young alley cat on the run, ducks into a mysterious pet shop, he doesn't expect his life to change. But that's exactly what happens when Jack, a young wizard in training, picks Aldwyn to be his magical familiar. Finally off the tough streets, Aldwyn thinks he's got it made. He just has to convince the other familiars—the know-it-all blue jay Skylar and the friendly tree frog Gilbert—that he's the telekinetic cat he claims to be. But when Jack and two other wizards in training are captured by the evil queen, Aldwyn will have to use all of his street smarts, a few good friends, and a nose for adventure to save the day!

Read: More Bears by Kenn Nesbitt
Once upon a time there was a story. It was a lovely story with absolutely NO BEARS in it-not a SINGLE BEAR anywhere. Then one day...MORE BEARS!

Craft: Yarn Wrapped Octopus Craft
Create a cute yarn wrapped octopus craft where you only need 4 supplies.


Science Fun!

Watch: Exploring Dairy Science
Join our adventure team as they explore the science and technology of today's dairy farming. Spanning the history of old-time milking to the hi-tech present, the ITO hosts discover how the dairy industry has changed dramatically in the past 100 years from raising cows to milking them. So come on, it's time to milk the science out of this topic and head Into the Outdoors!

Watch: Sharks - Science Kids
Learn all about sharks and why they are considered apex predators. What is the largest shark on earth? How much does it weigh? How fast can sharks swim? How many different species of sharks are there? What are "electro-receptors," and how do they help sharks navigate the ocean? What is the life cycle of a shark? Why is it important to protect sharks in order to preserve the ocean ecosystem? The answers to these questions and more are covered in depth with detailed graphics, diagrams and exciting videos that reinforce important concepts and make learning fun.

Watch: XPLORATION: DIY Science
Join host Steve Sprangler to learn about amazing DIY science experiments and tricks you can do at home!

Read: Stickmen’s Guide to Earth’s Atmosphere in Layers by Catherine Chambers
Teeter on the edge of outer space with the Stickmen. Then fly down, down, down to atmospheric layers that wrap around Earth. Follow the Stickmen to view the galaxies through the Hubble Space Telescope and stop by the International Space Station. The Stickmen will take you on a tour of satellites in orbit, aircraft riding jet streams, and storms in the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere. With phenomenal facts, cool diagrams, and photos from space, this will be a dizzy, action-packed ride!

Listen: Who Was Thomas Alva Edison?
One day in 1882, Thomas Edison flipped a switch that lit up lower Manhattan with incandescent light and changed the way people live ever after. The electric light bulb was only one of thousands of Edison’s inventions, which include the phonograph and the kinetoscope, an early precursor to the movie camera. As a boy, observing a robin catch a worm and then take flight, he fed a playmate a mixture of worms and water to see if she could fly! An accessible, appealing biography of the inventor.

Experiment: How Do Whales Stay Warm?
Explore the effects of temperature on animals and how they keep warm.


All About Nature

Watch: Wild Kratts
Join the Kratt brothers as they learn about animals such as the black footed ferret, otters, Florida panthers, and more!

Read: Volcanoes by Joelle Riley
What is a volcano? What happens when a volcano erupts? How can volcanoes be helpful? Read this book to discover the answers!

Read: Do Whales Have Belly Buttons? by Melvin Berger and Gilda Berger
In sections on the life of a whale, toothed whales, and baleen whales, the Bergers take children into the spectacular world of whales and dolphins. How long can whales stay underwater? How do whales keep in touch? Can dolphins save humans? Which whales have the longest migration?

Listen: Gone to the Woodsen by Gary Paulse
His name is synonymous with high-stakes wilderness survival stories. Now, beloved author Gary Paulsen portrays a series of life-altering moments from his turbulent childhood as his own original survival story. If not for his summer escape from a shockingly neglectful Chicago upbringing to a North Woods homestead at age five, there never would have been a Hatchet. Without the encouragement of the librarian who handed him his first book at age thirteen, he may never have become a reader. And without his desperate teenage enlistment in the Army, he would not have discovered his true calling as a storyteller.

Read: Glow: Animals with Their Own Night-Lights by W.H. Beck
Why be afraid of the dark when there is so much to see? Whether it's used to hunt, hide, find a friend, or escape an enemy, bioluminescence—the ability to glow—is a unique adaptation in nature. In this fun and fascinating nonfiction picture book, join world-renowned photographers and biologists on their close encounters with the curious creatures that make their own light.

Craft: DIY Tic-Tac-Toe with Painted Rocks
Take this beloved game outside when you make a board and playing pieces with items found in nature


Arts and Music

Read: The Mystwick School of Musicraft by Jessica Khoury
Amelia Jones always dreamed of attending the Mystwick School of Musicraft, where the world's most promising musicians learn to create magic. So when Amelia botches her audition, she thinks her dream has met an abrupt and humiliating end—until the school agrees to give her a trial period. Amelia is determined to prove herself, vowing to do whatever it takes to become the perfect musician. Even if it means pretending to be someone she isn't. Meanwhile, a mysterious storm is brewing that no one, not even the maestros at Mystwick, is prepared to contain. Can Amelia find the courage to be true to herself in time to save her beloved school from certain destruction?

Watch: Cirque Music
Cirque du Soleil is known the world over for their amazing acrobatic performances, their beautiful costumes and set design, and... their music! Unlike many live shows, Cirque uses live musicians. In this segment, LeVar goes behind the scenes at Mystére, their first show in Las Vegas, to learn about how important music is to telling the story!

Watch: Making Music
Jay and the team explore music and the different things that can be used to make music.

Read: Women’s Art Work: More than 30 Female Artists Who Changed the World by Sophia Bennett
Women's Art Work introduces readers to the lives and work of the world's most renowned artists. With a foreword from Tate's first female director, Maria Balshaw, this collection celebrates the creativity of women in more than 30 biographies, investigating their practices and exploring their contributions to the art world. Readers will learn about a diverse group of innovators like Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman, Ana Mendieta, Lubaina Himid, Cao Fei, and the Guerrilla Girls. From early pioneers to today's most radical creators, these women have overcome obstacles, broken boundaries, and enriched our understanding of what art is and can be.

Read: Aaron Slater, Illustrator by Andrea Beaty
Aaron Slater loves listening to stories and dreams of one day writing them himself. But when it comes to reading, the letters just look like squiggles to him, and it soon becomes clear he struggles more than his peers. When his teacher asks each child in the class to write a story, Aaron canât get a single word down. He is sure his dream of being a storyteller is out of reach . . . until inspiration strikes, and Aaron finds a way to spin a tale in a way that is uniquely his.

Create: Stitch and String Lab for Kids by Cassie Stephens
In Stitch and String Lab for Kids, art teacher and winner of the Netflix bake-off show Nailed It! Cassie Stephens presents 40+ inventive projects that explore everything from simple sewing, embroidery, and weaving to string art, needle felting, and yarn crafts.

Craft: Fingerprint Bee Hive
Get creative and use paint and leftover bubble wrap to create this Fingerprint Bee Hive!


History: Learn from the Past

Read: The ABCs of Black History by Rio Cortez
Letter by letter, The ABCs of Black History celebrates a story that spans continents and centuries, triumph and heartbreak, creativity and joy. It’s a story of big ideas––P is for Power, S is for Science and Soul. Of significant moments––G is for Great Migration. Of iconic figures––H is for Zora Neale Hurston, X is for Malcom X. It’s an ABC book like no other, and a story of hope and love.

In addition to rhyming text, the book includes back matter with information on the events, places, and people mentioned in the poem, from Mae Jemison to W. E. B. Du Bois, Fannie Lou Hamer to Sam Cooke, and the Little Rock Nine to DJ Kool Herc.

Create: The U.S. History Cookbook: Delicious Recipes and Exciting Events from the Past by Karen E. D’Amico and Karen E. Drummond
Who knew history could be so delicious? In The U.S. History Cookbook, you'll discover how Americans have lived and dined over the centuries. This scrumptious survey of periods and events in U.S. history mixes together a delectable batter of food timelines, kid-friendly recipes, and fun food facts throughout each chapter, including such fascinating tidbits as: Sunday was baked bean day in many colonial family homes; pioneers took advantage of the rough trails to churn milk into butter; the Girl Scouts first started selling cookies in the 1930s to save money for summer camp; and so much more!

Read: An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States for Young People by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Jean Mendoza
Going beyond the story of America as a country “discovered” by a few brave men in the “New World,” Indigenous human rights advocate Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz reveals the roles that settler colonialism and policies of American Indian genocide played in forming our national identity.

The original academic text is fully adapted by renowned curriculum experts Debbie Reese and Jean Mendoza, for middle-grade and young adult readers to include discussion topics, archival images, original maps, recommendations for further reading, and other materials to encourage students, teachers, and general readers to think critically about their own place in history.

Listen: Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison
Among these women, you'll find heroes, role models, and everyday women who did extraordinary things - bold women whose actions and beliefs contributed to making the world better for generations of girls and women to come. Whether they were putting pen to paper, soaring through the air or speaking up for the rights of others, the women profiled in these pages were all taking a stand against a world that didn't always accept them. The leaders in this book may be little, but they all did something big and amazing, inspiring generations to come.

Watch: Greatest Human Achievements: Communication & Sea Travel
Communication between peoples and cultures initially stemmed from trade and commerce. With Guttenberg's invention of the printing press, information was available to people beyond the elite and wealthy for the first time. Trade drew explorers out into the oceans, and mapmakers outlined their treacherous journeys. These basic maps are what led Columbus to believe he could reach the East by sailing West. Instead he found America, and established trade routes between America and Europe.

Activity: Golden Gate Bridge Worksheet
Use this worksheet to both learn about the history of the Golden Gate Bridge and test your reading comprehension skills.


Fantastic Fantasy

Listen: Wretched Waterpark by Kiersten White
Meet the Sinister-Winterbottoms: brave Theo, her timid twin, Alexander, and their older sister, Wil. They’re stuck for the summer with their Aunt Saffronia, who doesn’t know how often children need to eat and can’t use a smartphone, and whose feet never quite seem to touch the floor when she glides—er—walks. When Aunt Saffronia suggests a week pass to the Fathoms of Fun Waterpark, they hastily agree. But the park is even stranger than Aunt Saffronia. The waterslides look like gray gargoyle tongues. The employees wear creepy black dresses and deliver ominous messages. An impossible figure is at the top of the slide tower, people are disappearing, and suspicious goo is seeping into the wave pool.

Something mysterious is happening at Fathoms of Fun, and it’s up to the twins to get to the bottom of it. The mystery, that is. NOT the wave pool. Definitely NOT the wave pool. But are Theo and Alexander out of their depth?.

Read: Spell Sweeper by Lee Edward Fodi
Cara Moone is a wizard—but she's basically flunked out of wizard school. Now she's in training to be a MOP, also known as Magical Occurrence Purger, also known as it's Cara's job to sweep up the hazardous dust a real wizard's spells leave behind. A real wizard, that is, like Harlee Wu, the so-called Chosen One destined to save the magical world. But when one of Harlee's spells goes awry and leaves behind a rift in the fabric of magic itself, it'll take more than magic to clean up the mess. Luckily, messes are kind of Cara's thing.

Watch: The Greatest Adventure: The Book of Dragons
Join Finn and his dragon Haldor (both voiced by Kj Schrock) as they fly through the air on a one-of-the-kind adventure with classic bedtime stories along the way. This time, Finn and Haldor enjoy the incredible classic tale "The Book of Dragons".

Listen: Greystone Secrets - The Strangers by Margaret Peterson Haddixa
The Greystone kids thought they knew. Chess has always been the protector over his younger siblings, Emma loves math, and Finn does what Finn does best—acting silly and being adored. They've been a happy family, just the three of them and their mom. But everything changes when reports of three kidnapped children reach the Greystone kids, and they're shocked by the startling similarities between themselves and these complete strangers. The other kids share their same first and middle names. They're the same age. They even have identical birthdays. Who, exactly, are these strangers? Before Chess, Emma, and Finn can question their mom about it, she takes off on a sudden work trip and leaves them in the care of Ms. Morales and her daughter, Natalie. But puzzling clues left behind lead to complex codes, hidden rooms, and a dangerous secret that will turn their world upside down.

Craft: DIY Dragon Eggs
Make your own DIY Dragon egg out of jewels, beads, stones, seashells, or anything else you have around your home!