Books for Babies

Welcome, Little One!

The McHenry Public Library and the Friends of the McHenry Public Library want to welcome your new baby to the world of reading! The library is here to assist you as your child's first teacher in giving your baby a head start in reading.

Research has found that babies who have parents who start sharing books with them early on develop better language skills and curiosity in the world around them. In addition, chlidren develop greater interest in the enjoyment of books and reading when they are introduced to books at an early age.


If you have a McHenry Public Library card, you can come to the Questions Desk and pick up your "Books for Baby" kit today!

The "Books for Baby" kit provides parents and caregivers early literacy tips, reading recommendations and local resources that can help you get your child started on the path of literacy.


Here are some other resources to get you started:

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