Item Loan Period Renewal Limit Limit
(per card)
Late fee 
(per day)
Regular Books 3 weeks 2 renewals No limit $0.25

“Hot” Books (fiction bestsellers) 1 week No renewals/
no holds
No limit $1.00

“Hot” DVDs 3 days No renewals/
no holds
2 $1.00
TV Series DVDs 2 weeks 2 renewals

No limit


All other DVDs (including Blu-rays) 1 week 2 renewals

No limit


Magazines & Comic Books 1 week 2 renewals No limit $0.25

Holiday Picture Books 1 week No renewals, holds allowed 5 $0.25

CDs 1 week 2 renewals No limit $0.25

Audio Books/Kits 3 weeks 2 renewals No limit $0.25

New video games (MPLD cardholders &
enhanced cardholders only)
1 week 2 renewals 5 (can be mix of “new” and “non-new”) $1.00
Non-new video games (non-MPLD cardholders) 1 week 2 renewals 5 “non-new” titles only $1.00
Playaways 3 weeks 2 renewals No limit $0.25

CD-ROMs & DVD ROMs 3 weeks 2 renewals No limit $1.00

eReaders (MPLD & enhanced
cardholders only)
3 weeks No renewals; holds allowed 1 $1.00


Library of Things Circulation Policy -- Approved 04/20/2021 -- Supersedes Hotspot and Roku Circulation Rules


A "Library of Things" is a collection of nontraditional items that go beyond books and movies that check out for home use.

These items are holdable and loanable for McHenry Public Library District (MPLD) cardholders only. There is a $1.00 daily overdue fine, and the maximum fine and replacement cost are equal to the price of the item plus all associated accessories. Items must be checked out and returned to the Questions Desk only. A $10 fine will be added if returned to the inside/outside drop boxes. MPLD will deactivate applicable devices after 21 days overdue. A $20 fee will be charged for any device that has to be deactivated. Patrons can only check out four (4) items from the Library of Things collection at any time. Items can be added to or removed from the collection at any time based on the Library’s selection criteria, and the collection’s circulation policies will follow the parameters outlined in this policy. 

Please see the table below for circulation information for specific items in the Library of Things collection. The MPLD is not liable for damaged or destroyed personal property that may occur while operating an item from this collection.



Item Checkout time Holdable Renewable Reactivation Fee Max Fine Item Price Accessory price Total cost
8MM Film Converter 3 weeks Yes No No $420 $400 $20 $420
Cassette Player 3 weeks Yes No No $50 $35 $15 $50
VHS/DVD Cables 3 weeks Yes No No $105 $90 $15 $105
VHS/DVD Recorder 3 weeks Yes No No $165 $150 $15 $165
Hotspot/WiFi Device 3 weeks Yes No Yes $70 $50 $20 $70
Chromebook Kit 3 weeks Yes No Yes $440 $300 $140 $440
Roku 3 weeks Yes No Yes $140 $110 $30 $140
Reflecting Telescope   3 weeks Yes No No $371 $371 $0 $371
Refracting Telescope 3 weeks Yes No No $400 $400 $0 $400
Binoculars 3 weeks Yes No No $36 $36 $0 $36
Magnifying Machine 3 weeks Yes Yes No $3,000 $3,000 $0 $3,000
STEM Kits 3 weeks Yes No No Varies by kit Varies by kit Varies by kit Varies by kit



Holds not picked up

You have 7 days from date of notification to pick up your holds. For each item you don't pick up, your account will be charged a $1 fee. After the 7-day-period, the hold will expire and the item will go back on the shelf or on to the next hold request.


Restrictions on Checking out Items for Non-Resident Cardholders

If you have a library card from another library, you can check out most types of items as long as you register your card at the Checkout Desk. For video games, non-MPLD cardholders may check out, in person, a limit of five "non-new" titles. Non-MPLD cardholders may not check out our eReaders, magnifier for visually impaired, telescope, hotspots or Rokus.



Our system automatically renews your items twice if renewals are allowed and there are not any holds on the item. You'll then get notification that your item is due. To see what has been renewed, click on "My Library Account" from our home page's upper right corner, log in, then you'll see what you currently have checked out and due dates.

Replacement & miscellaneous fees

Lost/damaged item: cost of item + $5 processing fee.
Please contact Circulation at 815-385-0036 for current fees for replacement items (cases, notes, etc.)