Interested in using one of our meeting rooms? The Library provides two meeting rooms and one conference/training room for use by the public when not being used for library programs.

Payment must be received before a room request can be approved/accepted. 

Please read and agree to the Library's Meeting Room Policy and Guidelines below before making an online room reservation.


McHenry Public Library District Meeting Room Use Policy

Revised 11/19


The McHenry Public Library District (the “Library”) offers the use of its Meeting Rooms and Conference Room as a limited public forum primarily for the purpose of providing space for library-sponsored programs and meetings and secondarily for civic, informational, cultural and educational purposes. When the rooms are not being used by the Library or library-affiliated groups (like the Friends of the Library), they will be available for use by outside community groups and organizations. The following guidelines and procedures apply to all non-library-sponsored meetings and programs.

General Use Guidelines

Permission to use the meeting or conference room(s) does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the groups’ policies and beliefs. The Library reserves the right to supersede other meetings in the event of a room conflict and to cancel any scheduled meeting if circumstances warrant, such as in the case of an emergency closing. In the case of a cancellation, the contact persons listed on the reservation will be contacted. It is the organization’s responsibility to contact members/public to inform them of the meeting cancellation.

Non-Eligible Groups

  • Groups creating excessive noise that would disrupt Library service
  • Private parties/social events
  • Meetings involving youth under the age of 18 without adult supervision
  • Gambling or any illegal activities, or sales presentations for general marketing purposes
  • Non-library-sponsored events where money is changing hands. With the exception of Library activities, programs are prohibited if there is a charge for admission, if a collection is taken or if sales transactions are made.

Rooms Available/Capacities/Equipment Provided

The Library offers two (2) Meeting Rooms that can be combined into one large room, and one (1) smaller Conference Room.

In addition to tables and chairs, certain A/V equipment is available for use free of charge as outlined below.

PLEASE NOTE: The group or person reserving a Meeting Room is responsible for providing their own laptop or tablet. Library staff will turn on the projector and lower the screen, and turn them off when the meeting is done. Staff is not available to operate equipment for outside groups during the meeting or program. We have some cables and adapters; however, it's best if the group or person reserving the room brings the necessary cable/adaptor for their specific device. The library is not liable for any damage or loss to outside group's equipment/devices. If you have any questions about our equipment, please call our IT department ahead of time.


Room Name/NumberCapacityA/V Equipment Provided
Meeting Room East/13540 

Wifi; overhead projector; DVD/CD player;
wall-mounted screen; dry-erase board

Meeting Room West/13640 Same as above
Conference Room/12412Same as above


Attendance at a meeting may not exceed the maximum number of people certified by the Fire Protection District as the occupancy limit for the room. 

   Room Use Fees
Not-for-profit organizations$10 per event/room
For profit businesses & depositions$25 per event/room


Reservation Guidelines and Procedures

Requests should be made through the library’s online room reservation system. From our home page, go to Use the Library>Library Services>Reserve a Meeting Room.

A member of the Circulation staff approves all Meeting Room requests based on room availability and profit/nonprofit status. If necessary, the Library Director may approve certain room reservation requests.

Groups and individuals are limited to 1 meeting room reservation per month on a unidirectional basis.

Reservations must be made at least 7 days before the requested meeting date.

Reservations may be made up to 1 month in advance. 

Cancellations should be made as promptly as possible. The library will only refund meeting room fees if the cancellation is made at least 1 week before the scheduled meeting.


To Make an Online Reservation:

  1. After reading and accepting the Library’s Meeting Room Policy (see below), you'll be directed to our online room reservation system. Click on Reserve a Room, then search by room or date and complete the fields required.

  2. You'll get an email saying your reservation is pending approval or payment. Once you submit payment or your reservation is approved, you'll get a confirmation email, then a reminder email a day or two before your meeting. If you need to cancel, contact the library.

Rules of Meeting Room Use

Any organization or group using the Meeting Rooms shall indemnify and hold harmless the McHenry Public Library District for any and all accidents that may be sustained on the premises resulting from the negligence of the group using the meeting room.

  1. Refreshments are limited to securely covered beverages.

  2. The Library maintains a drug free, alcohol free and smoke free environment. Individuals or groups using the Meeting Rooms are expected to uphold this policy.

  3. The Meeting Rooms are only available to outside groups during regular Library hours, beginning 30 minutes after the Library is open to the public on weekdays, and one hour on weekends. Groups must vacate the room 30 minutes before regular closing times. Requestor must be at least 18 years of age.

  4. The Library does not provide porter service to carry supplies or materials.

  5. No equipment, materials or supplies may be stored at the Library.

  6. Groups using the Meeting Rooms may not use the Library as the organization’s mailing address.

  7. Groups using the Meeting Rooms are responsible for any damage to Library furnishings, equipment or materials as outlined below:

    Carpet cleaning/stains: $50.00
    Other damage as reported: Actual repair cost

  8. The Library is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of property owned by any individuals or groups using the Meeting Room. This includes DVDs and CDs when used on library-owned equipment, and laptops or removable storage devices (“flash drives”) brought in by outside groups.

  9. In the event the Executive Director or the Library Board determines that police protection is needed to ensure the safety of the group or other Library patrons, they shall inform the group that all security costs and/or damage to Library property are at the expense of the group reserving the Library Meeting Room.

Americans With Disabilities Act

The McHenry Public Library District complies, to the best of its ability, with the regulations governing the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). All meetings and programs held in the library public rooms are open to the general public. Any organizations or individuals using the facilities of the MPLD are expected to comply with any and all ADA regulations. As such, groups choosing to use these public rooms may be held responsible for providing sign language interpreters, information in large print format, providing enhanced amplification or other reasonable requests for ADA accommodation.

Meeting Room Reservation Request

After you've read the above guidelines, and you click the link below, you will be taken to the online room reservation system. Select the room, the date, and the time you want. Then complete the details of the reservation.

Click here to reserve a room

Need to cancel an existing reservation or if you have any questions, contact our Checkout Desk staff at 815-385-0036.